Smart Disclosures

Enabling a stellar client experience and streamlined workflow.

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Made for you and your clients

Smart Disclosures eliminate the complexity of typical multi-page disclosure documents by providing an intuitive user interface that helps sellers provide more accurate information.

From a guided walk through to radio buttons and text boxes that you can actually see, Smart Disclosures can be completed from a computer, tablet, or phone.

Key features

State-approved forms

We always provide the latest state commission-approved forms so you never have to worry about having the correct version.

Electronic signatures

Our electronic signatures are AATL (Adobe Approved Trust List) certified by Entrust, and unlimited.

Revision history

Access the latest revision with the touch of a button. And every revision is tracked so you always know what changed.

Guided walkthrough

Our digital tool guides sellers through pertinent information, and helps clarify confusing questions, so they can provide the most accurate information to buyers.

Smart review

A clean, simple way for you and your clients to review all of the data free from the distraction of common disclosure forms.

Why agents love Smart Disclosures

Listing agreements on-demand

Create and execute listing and property agreements when you're with a potential client, instead of going back to the office to send an email.

Ultimate visibility

You and your team can see exactly what forms have been created, shared, and executed via the deal dashboard.

Exceptional client experience

Clients will love how easy it is to complete disclosures from any device they choose. And you'll love that it's always free for your clients.

No risk. Just rewards.
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