Smart Contracts

The future of real estate transaction documents.

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We understand your business doesn't happen behind a desk, which is why we're introducing the fastest and easiest way to create, fill, share, and sign real estate transaction documents.

Key features

State-approved forms

We always provide the latest state commission-approved forms so you never have to worry about having the correct version.

Unlimited electronic signatures

Our electronic signatures are AATL (Adobe Approved Trust List) certified by Entrust.

PDF Generation

Any revision of a deal form automatically generates a PDF version. Plus every signed PDF comes with a certificate of completion.


Discuss negotiation points to reach agreement faster. Comment directly on forms and control who can view and reply to each comment.

Revision History

Access the latest revision with a touch of a button. And every revision is tracked so you always know what changed.

Pre-written Clauses

Attorney-approved pre-written clauses help you negotiate better for your clients. Create and save your own for use on other deals.

The top three reasons you need Smart Contracts

It's fast

Using the power of data, our intuitive technology lets you create an offer 3x faster, putting time back in your day to deliver an exceptional client experience or take a much needed break.

It's simple

Instead of scrolling through form-fill PDFs to find the right checkbox, we pull data from a variety of sources and seamlessly guide you through creating a compliant offer.

It's secure

Security and privacy are at our core, including AATL-certified eSignature, identity verification, and secure access to documents and data.

No risk. Just rewards.
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