Frequently Asked Questions

We are the only digital transaction platform that can handle all of your backend management needs while providing a beautifully designed client dashboard that allows you to offer a complete digital experience that will set you apart from the competition.
Yes, once you have shared your offer with another agent they will be able to access the offer, share it with their clients and sign or create a counter offer using Mevi. You can also enable notifications so you’ll know exactly when your offer is viewed.
Yes! If you are a real estate agent, transaction coordinator, a team leader or own a brokerage then Mevi is for you. Mevi is the only platform providing a complete digital experience throughout the real estate transaction.
Yes. We get it, sometimes business requires you to use more than one system. Although we would love to be your only transaction management solution, we make it easy to upload documents and forms and leverage the power of Mevi to engage with your clients and team.
Mevi works along side other solutions. We make it easy to upload documents and forms and negotiate deals, and Mevi adds value to both sides of the transaction even if one side is not using Mevi.
After the free trial, licensed agents choose the pricing plan that's right for them and create deals on Mevi. Mevi is free to use for your clients, your transaction coordinator, sales assistants, showing agents and other business users.
We know you’ll love Mevi, so all of our Pro features are absolutely free during your 30-day trial.
Absolutely! If you started out with a Basic plan and want to get even more out of Mevi, upgrade anytime to a Pro plan. Plan and billing information is always available under Settings.
At the end of your trial you'll be automatically downgraded to a free plan. You will still have access to your completed deal and be invited to other deals. Should you wish to create new deals, you can upgrade to a paid plan at any time.
Yes! If you are buying or selling a home, then Mevi is for you! We’re the only platform providing a complete digital experience throughout the transaction process so you always know what’s next.
Yes, Mevi is free to use for home buyers and sellers. 
Any agent can be added to Mevi by an invite. Simply add an agent to connect by entering their email address. Once they acccept you will be able to collaborate with them on Mevi.