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Why brokerages love Mevi

Why brokerages
love Mevi

Mevi is your secret weapon to attract and retain agents and their clients. Our unique data-driven approach enables brokerages to control and customize workflows while delivering an exceptional client experience.
Build your brand

White-label Mevi with your brand and your content

Gain visibility

Securely access all of your transaction data

Customize your workflow

Define brokerage specific processes and custom reports

Interactive forms

turn brokerage specific forms into Smart Contracts

Simplify compliance

Our data-driven approach puts compliance on auto-pilot

Recruit top talent

Attract and retain agents with intuitive, modern software

Make smart decisions

Leverage the power of your transaction data to drive business intelligence decisions

Empower your agents

Empower your agents

Save your agents time
Streamline collaboration with documents, revisions, timelines, and tasks, and brokerage forms and compliance all in one place.
Help your agents delight clients
Mevi's beautifully designed client dashboard provides a superior experience that keeps clients - and their referrals - coming back.
Keep your agents happy
Mevi is available from anywhere, on any device, enabling your agents to take care of themselves and their families while getting the job done.

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