Mevi Smart Contracts

Streamlined transactions - at your fingertips

What are Mevi Smart Contracts?

We’re glad you asked! Mevi Smart Contracts are the fastest and easiest way to create, fill, share, and sign real estate transaction documents.
With just a few clicks, our intuitive technology guides you through creating offers and other state-approved forms and disclosures.
Plus, documents can be managed and signed from any device, saving you valuable time.

Key Features

State-approved Forms

Mevi always provides the latest state commission-approved forms so you never have to worry about having the correct version.

Offer workflow

Create offers 3x faster compared to traditional methods. Review and negotiate offers from anywhere, on any device.

Electronic signatures

Unlimited electronic signatures. Mevi electronic signatures are AATL (Adobe Approved Trust List) certified by Entrust.

PDF Generation

Mevi automatically generates PDFs for all revisons of all forms on a deal. Every signed PDF comes with a certificate of completion.

Branded Contracts

Customize the appearance of forms with your own brand identity, including the logo, colors, and header information.


Discuss negotiation points to reach agreement faster. Comment directly on forms and control who can view and reply to each comment.

Revision history

Access the latest revision with a touch of a button. And every revision is tracked so you always know what changed.

Custom Templates

Create custom templates that fit your deal-making style. Starting with the right form template always saves time.

Pre-written Clauses

Attorney-approved pre-written clauses help you negotiate better for your clients. Create and save your own for use on other deals.



Ensure compliance with an audit trail for every interaction related to each transaction.

Detailed revision history makes it easy to identify changes quickly.


Create custom templates for your most used documents.

Clients can comment directly on contracts and forms, eliminating confusion around changes or updates.


Stay connected to deals and documents anytime, anywhere - from any device.

Rest assured, knowing that you always have the most up-to-date document revision available.


Currently, Mevi Smart Contracts are available in Colorado with all DORA forms and disclosures.

Coming soon, Mevi will introduce Smart Contracts technology in additional states with association and state commission-approved forms and disclosures.

Sign up for availability in other states.

Our team is working to adopt association and state commissioned approved forms and disclosures so that agents everywhere can level up to Mevi Smart Contracts.

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Can I Still Use Mevi Without Smart Contracts?

Yes! Mevi Basic and Pro plans are currently available in all 50 states and include all of our fantastic document management features. With Mevi, you can upload an existing PDF and:

Set the status
Designate signers
Add summary data
Share with clients and other agents
Add and review comments